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Dear HCCUA Members:

With temperatures on the rise and summer quickly approaching, it is more important than ever that you keep your body hydrated. When you are out in the sun being physically active or travelling, replenishing your body with water key to keeping your body functioning the way it should.

Staying hydrated does so much for your body!  For instance, it helps the heart pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles easier, lubricates your eyes and joints, maintains your skin with a healthy glow, and simplifies digestion.  Dehydration can occur when the body loses too much water before it can replace it back into the body. The leading causes of dehydration are: extreme physical activity; diarrhea, vomiting, perfuse sweating, diabetes and frequent urination.  Studies have shown that infants, young children, and elderly people are at a higher risk of dehydration since their bodies are more vulnerable to water depletion.

During exercise and strenuous physical activity, it is extremely important that you replenish with at least a pint of water for every pound you lose. Not only does it help the muscles work efficiently, but it plays an immense role in your bodily functions.

Many people are fooled by sport and energy drinks because they are highly commercialized by celebrities and athlete endorsers. Despite what you see in TV advertisements or social media, these drinks can be very harmful to your body due to the high levels of high-fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners.  These ingredients have been linked to almost all chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Hydration is not just crucial during physical activity. It is also very important when travelling to locations that your body is not use to. For example, when mountain climbing it can be difficult for hikers to stay hydrated because of pressure in high altitude places.  The increased gas exchange causes the body to lose more water vapor so you sweat more and breathe harder. No matter where you are, it is always a good idea to keep a bottle of water handy to maintain hydration.

We’ve included an article on Summer Suggestions that provides even more pointers on staying safe in the summer sun, healthy cookout ideas, and tips to save money on upcoming summer trips. We would like to remind you to explore your Entertainment benefit when making plans for the summer, you can save money on hotel and travel, shopping, and attractions in your area -- like the local zoo!  We have also attached three different smoothie recipes from Cooking Light to keep you cool under the summer sun! Enjoy!!

Kristine Eckardt, Director of Member Communications,

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