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 <p>Dear HCCUA Members:</p> 

<p>Taking care of yourself is essential to  living a healthy life. So, what a better time to benefit from your Annual  Comprehensive Wellness Profile (CWP) as part of your HCCUA membership? This  test is offered to you after a continuous active membership in good standing  for at least 180 days at no additional cost.   The Profile contains a blood test and a thorough bio-chemical assessment  of most major organ systems. </p>

<p>The CWP actually consists of 50 individual  blood tests. These tests help spot a wide variety of health problems allowing  for early detection and treatment of various conditions and diseases.  Early detection very often saves you money,  prevents further health problems and can even save lives. The testing consists  of complete blood count, lipid profile, fluids and electrolytes, diabetes,  liver profile, kidney panel, thyroid panel, and bone and minerals.</p>

<p>According to the Centers for Disease  Control and Prevention (CDC), hepatitis C is on the rise.  Fortunately, this disease can be detected in  your CWP. The CDC issued a high recommendation for all Americans born from 1945  to 1965 get tested for this disease. Research has shown that baby boomers  account for one in every four people in the United States diagnosed with  Hepatitis C.  However, three of every  four people that have hepatitis C don&rsquo;t even know it.</p>

<p>It can take YEARS for this hepatitis C  to manifest. Those effected can be carrying the disease without experiencing  symptoms for years until serious issues occur such as liver damage. Symptoms of  liver disease include pain in the upper right abdomen, fatigue, dark urine,  muscle and joint pain, jaundice, fever and nausea, and poor appetite. Chronic  infection can lead to scarring over time and potentially lead to cirrhosis,  liver failure, and liver cancer.</p>

<p>Fortunately, this disease has a 75% cure  rate and many scientists are working on new advancements to make the course of  treatment easier on patients. Treatment usually consists of three different  medications which include interferon, ribavirin, and new direct-acting  antivirals. </p>

<p>Your health is important to us! We  suggest you call Member Services at 1-866-227-5400 to schedule your diagnostic  screening today! It is important that you schedule with member Services prior  to visiting the lab and be aware that you must fast (no food intake) for 8  hours prior to having your blood drawn so the test is as accurate as possible.</p>

<p>Furthermore, as part of your  e-newsletter you will find an article describing <u>The Risks of Purchasing Online  Prescription Drugs</u>, a way to for you understand the hidden dangers and  risks you must be aware of when purchasing medications online. The featured  recipe this month is a sweet breakfast entre Ham and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich  with Mango Chutney. In addition, we would like to know how HCCUA has helped you  or changed your life by visiting our Facebook page, LIKE US and tell us your  story! There is nothing better than your feedback!</p>

<p> Sincerely,<br>

  Kristine Eckardt, Director of  Member Communications, <br>


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