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 We have all noticed the price of gas rising at the pumps. Some weeks it seems as though the price increases on a daily basis! Since our lives often include driving to work, to recreational activities, on vacations, and to do errands, here are some helpful suggestions for using less gas. If you follow these suggestions, you can save money at the gas pump, and you will also leave a lighter carbon footprint on the environment.

1. Have Regular Service Checks for You Car. Having a dirty air filter in your car can limit your gas mileage by at least 10%. A car that needs a tune-up can cost 4- 5% more in gas to run. These are only a couple of examples of how regular maintenance on your car can save you money at the pumps.

2. Check Your Tires. Checking the air in your tires and making sure that the tires are properly aligned will help to save money on gas. Not only does poor tire alignment cause tires to prematurely wear, but it also costs up to 10% more for gas. Under inflation in tires can cause up to a 3% decrease in fuel efficiency. If your tires are in need of servicing, this alone could cost you up to 13% more in gas!

3. Check Your Gas Cap. Many vehicles have missing or loose gas caps, and this poses as a double problem. Gas that would power your car escapes into the atmosphere, and depending on the amount of the leak, some or all of your gas could go up into thin air! The pollution from the leaking gas also hurts the air quality and contributes to global warming. It’s easy to check and/or replace gas caps.

4. Drive Smoothly. Your style of driving is probably the largest way you can save or waste gas and your money spent on fuel. If you frequently use your brakes, that can cost up to 35% more in gas. If you avoid making sudden moves and weaves in traffic, and move smoothly instead, this style of driving can save up to 33% in fuel efficiency. If you reduce your speed on the highway by 5 miles per hour, you can save 7% of your fuel consumption. If you used all of these driving strategies, you could increase your fuel efficiency mileage by at least 40%, and you would be a better driver!

5. Reorganize Your Trunk. The weight that is carried in the trunk of your car, the bed of your pick-up truck, or the interior of your SUV all contribute to the amount of fuel your vehicle uses to move. For every extra 100 pounds of weight, your vehicle loses 2% in fuel efficiency. Get rid of the junk in your trunk!

6. Idle No More. If you sit in your car and let it idle, or if you let it warm up for a long period of time, you are wasting gas. In addition to polluting the environment, you are wasting up to 5% of gas efficiency during the idle time.

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