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Did You Know That You Can Get Low or No Cost Consumer Information?

The useful and prolific information provided for free and low cost from several federal government agencies is available to all U.S. citizens of any age from the GSA Federal Citizen Information Center. Many of the publications are available to read and view online so the consumer doesn’t even have to pay for any postage!

There are topics for everyone and all ages. The topics covered include many selections for consumer awareness, finances, health, drugs and medicine, education, and employment. Other topical areas included are more specific, such as information on computers, cars, government auctions, home ownership, insurance considerations, home maintenance, food safety, and identity theft.

There are also very helpful pamphlets and links to agencies for all of the pertinent federal programs, veteran’s benefits, retirement and social security. The pamphlets are arranged into easy to use instructions giving the reader steps to take in filing for Social Security benefits or how to file for a copyright, for a couple of examples. Traveler’s information can be obtained for all of the national parks, and there is even information available for the family pet. From gardening to investments, from developing good credit to laser eye surgery, the federal government has information available to benefit you and your family at low or no cost.

The user friendly Web site can be accessed for ordering and reading, and the $2.00 processing fee will be deleted if you order the materials online. However, the information pamphlets can also be ordered by a toll-free telephone call, by FAX, or by mailing to the FCIC. All of this information can be accessed online at: www.pueblo.gsa.gov. Have fun with all of your free reading!

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