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Free Rice.com

Did you know that you could feed the world’s hungry populations without spending a dime and while having a great deal of educational fun? This is a wonderful solution to answer the question, “What can one person do to cure world hunger?” A smart, forward thinking, and ingenious man, John Breen, from Bloomington, IN has the answer.

John Breen created the web site FreeRice.com that is an educational, multiple choice vocabulary building quiz that can help you improve your speaking skills, hone your Scrabble abilities, or study for the SAT’s, GRE’s or any other standardized test with a vocabulary component. For every correct answer on the vocabulary quiz, 20 grains of rice is donated for free to the United Nations World Food Program! The computer program with over 10,000 words has many levels of increasing difficulty to test your vocabulary knowledge, is based on mastery learning, and is funded by corporate advertising sponsors. The bowls of rice fill while you are taking the online quiz, and you are given immediate feedback on the success of your word selections.

Mr. Breen’s creative thinking, desire to help the world, and novel approach to helping his son study for the SAT’s has already donated billions of grains of rice around the world to families and individuals who depend on this source of food for their meals. Please help to feed the world’s hungry with your free donations of rice given by playing this engaging game. Pass this web site on to your friends, family, and co-workers.

One word of warning- this vocabulary game can become quite addictive!

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