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Weight Loss

How to Lose Fat and Keep it Off
Most of us know exactly what made us overweight. We overate, we under-exercised, we entered menopause, we had a baby, we had a major life event, or maybe we...Read More

How to Keep a Food Diary
Most of us have no idea how much we eat sitting in front of the television or when we’re anxious about something or when we’re simply not thinking. A food di...Read More

Did You Know that Eating More Times Per Day Can Help You Lose Weight?
Contrary to the popular beliefs that weight loss necessitates food deprivation, starvation, and no snacking, new research on dieting, maintaining a healthy w...Read More

Did You Know That Cooler Weather Could Trigger Weight Gain?
As the first official days of fall return, the days become shorter, night comes earlier, and the temperatures become cooler, ev...Read More

You can Feast at Thanksgiving Without Gaining Weight
 We all love the holidays and the feasts that accompany the giving of thanks, but many people worry about gaining weight that will be on them for the re...Read More

Do You Know How to Not Gain Weight During the Holidays?
Since the holiday season is upon us, most of us run the risks of gaining the five to seven dreaded pounds of holiday unwanted ...Read More

You Can Get Exercise, A Tax Break And Help The Environment
Do you know how you can help the environment, get exercise, and receive a tax break all by making one lifestyle change? The fed...Read More

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