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Ways to Keep Your Mind Active
What is something grandparents and kids might have in common? A wish for the latest and greatest in video game consoles. An active mind is a healthy mind, an...Read More

How to Keep Social Contacts When You Can't Drive
A lot of people tend to forget that cars were not always accessible to everyone. This includes senior citizens who may have grown up with one or no cars in t...Read More

Fit After Fifty: You Really Are As Young As You Feel
If you’re over 50, chances are you’ve heard this one: “Hey, age is just a number, you’re only as old as you feel.” When this well-intended gem of generationa...Read More

Get Your Hearing Checked
Many people notice a loss of hearing as they get older due to a loss of specialized cells that are needed for the cochlea to work properly. The cochlea is th...Read More

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