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Teenage Rebellion: The Alien Who Lives in Your Child's Room
It's like something from an M. Night Shyamalan movie. You live with a child since birth, you give your precious baby your love and best effort at mentoring,...Read More

Stop Sibling Rivalry
Of all the memories of childhood, few endure through the years like the recollections of a brother and sister who was tormented relentlessly by their sibling...Read More

Teen Pregnancy The Numbers Don't Lie, But They Do Scream
Statistics can be frightening things. Especially when they embrace a population wider than one’s own economic level, culture and geography. Some statistics n...Read More

High School Drop Outs
Here’s a 50 billion dollar problem, and its unfolding right in your backyard: one out of three teenagers drop out of school each year before or at the ...Read More

The Magic of Youth Mentoring
Things are different for young people today. Our parents reared us in a Leave It To Beaver world in which Dad went off to work with a pipe and smile and you ...Read More

How to Set Limits
Children are not unlike little computers. They come from the factory with blank hard drives and unified wiring. Until programs are loaded, they can assign no...Read More

Protecting your Kids Online
Nature has gifted us with a parental instinct to protect our children. The scope of potential threats to our children’s safety and welfare have evolved...Read More

Adult Behaviors Your Kids Should Adopt Now
Granted, there is a long list of adult behaviors we want to keep our kids from adopting as long as humanly possible. They don’t merit mention here, but rest ...Read More

Did You Know That “Back To School” Times Can Be Peaceful and Fun?
The summer is waning and the media is full of ads and news regarding “back to school” for all of the children in th...Read More

Helpful Hints for Keeping Children Safe in the Sun
 In the course of a century, the prevalent social attitudes on children and sun safety have changed dramatically from totally sheltering a child from su...Read More

Eating Disorders and Children
Children need to eat healthy foods to support their growth and development. Some children are easily influenced by what others say; they worry about their bo...Read More

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