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Code Red: Get Help

All about Depression
We all have a bad day now and then. Everybody gets down, even to the point of being depressed. Life is challenging, stuff happens, and sometimes it rains on ...Read More

Fight Against Domestic Abuse
There’s very little you can say about the issue of domestic abuse that is remotely positive in nature. Except this: there is help out there. Resources ...Read More

The Warning Signs of Potential Suicide
Depressions come in all flavors and degrees, the worst of which presents the threat of someone taking their own life. Suicide almost always owes its reasonin...Read More

Why Women Leave
There's an old saying that has for years been bandied about by cynics and seasoned veterans of the relationship wars: men leave women for another woman, whil...Read More

Why Some Men Cheat
Infidelity is as old as the concept of monogamy itself, just as crime is as old as the concept of law. Inherent to the establishment of rules is the inclinat...Read More

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