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Parents and Couples

Two Words that Save a Marriage : Date Night
The physics of primary relationships – especially marriage – are not unlike the aging of the human bodies that engage in them. Time has its way w...Read More

The Sandwich Generation : Make it a Double
We’ve always loved to name our generations. We have baby boomers (post war pregnancies, the cold war and Nixon), who are the offspring of the Sinatra generat...Read More

Mom and Dad go Back to School : Parenting Education
Anybody who has been there knows this is true: nothing about our life experience prior to becoming a parent adequately prepares us for the job. There are tra...Read More

Selfless Parenting
There’s a tough conversation facing parents who truly care about what their children are learning from them. It’s easily dodged and rationalized ...Read More

The Eternal Joys of Immaturity
Our kids are on to something. They must be, because while we lament the erratic state of the stock market or count our carbs or sweat the next notice from th...Read More

What not to Learn from Your Parents
Philosophers tell us that we are haunted by the sins of our parents for four generations. And whether you buy into that dreary prophesy or not, it's hard to ...Read More

Auto-Pilot Parenting: The Quiet Saboteur of Effective Child Rearing
Lord knows you try. In spite of a very busy schedule, you take the kids to their games and help them with their homework. You're there for them when they nee...Read More

Choosing a Parenting Style
It's probably a good thing to realize that your parenting style is different than that of your parents, especially if they ascribed to the "do as I say, not ...Read More

Parenting Excellence: It's the Little Things that Count
In virtually any field of endeavor, there are those who play at a higher level than most. And even among those, some stand out as stellar examples of excelle...Read More

Parenting: What Not to Do, and Why
Nobody ever said being a parent would be easy. They – whoever “they” are, most likely your own parents or a friend who has been there – said it would be impo...Read More

Stepping up to Step Parenting
As if parenting isn't challenging enough, the entire concept of being a step-parent is fraught with risk. And, if you approach it right, unique rewards for b...Read More

Positive Parenting
The art and science of raising our children is among the most complex, and certainly the most important, facets of the human experience. Given the stakes and...Read More

The Teachable Moment
Marriage is nothing if not an on-going series of negotiations, compromises and the occasional agreement to disagree. It’s no secret that marriages that...Read More

Being Dead Right: How It Can Slowly Kill Your Marriage
There's a dark little acid test that can tell you a lot about your marriage, maybe more than you want to know. It pops up unannounced and often unnoticed, bu...Read More

The Hidden Keys to Marital Happiness
There is a disproportionate amount of information out there about how to make your marriage work: Finding books on how to improve your sex life is easy. On w...Read More

How to Handle a High Maintenance Spouse
In context to the complex and never-boring emotional landscape of marriage, the term "high maintenance" is a real can of worms. One person's high m...Read More

Did You Know You Can Make A Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner With Recipes From HCCUA?
 Along with Presidential birthday holidays and being the shortest month in the modern calendar, February is well known for the Valentine’s Day hol...Read More

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