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Financial Management

The Importance Of Sound Financial Planning
As with most things in life, having a financial game plan is one of the most important steps in trying to achieve your goals.  To start off your fi...Read More

Estate Planning
It is very important to have your estate planned prior to your death so your family is protected and your financial obligations are all met. An est...Read More

Keep Yourself in Check: Budgeting Can Be Your Friend
When most people hear the word "Budgeting", they cringe.  Budgets can actually be your biggest ally. They help you to realize what y...Read More

Getting the Most from Your Financial Institutions
When thinking in terms of safety, guarantees, and convenience, a credit union or bank is really the best place to put your money.  There ...Read More

Investing: The Newest Old Fad
Investments are nothing new to the world of finance. It is an idea that has brought many people millions of dollars over the years. Done properly, inves...Read More

Taxes Do Not Have to Be as Scary as You Think
It is not hard to tell when it is tax season in the U.S.  Typically slow tax advisors are busy with clients trying to figure out how much...Read More

Plan for the Ride of Your Life
Are you ready for a change? Not a big change, but a change that will affect your life greatly?  Buying a new car is a very personal exper...Read More

Does Financing Matter Once You're Dead?
Financing will matter to your family when you are no longer around.  All the hard work you put in for all those years has to go to someone. Pl...Read More

Financial Planners: Help is Only One Phone Call Away
Not many people can confidently say they know all of the rules of financing. There are many loopholes and logistics that can come into play at the least...Read More

10 Secrets Your Bank Doesn't Want You to Know about Your Credit Union
Credit Unions are owned by their Members. Banks are owned by groups of stockholders and are operated by paid boards of directors....Read More

Teaching Children How to Be Financially Savvy
As parents, we are constantly trying to teach childrenthe right values for them to take into their adulthoo...Read More

Did You Know That You Can Save Money On Shopping and Never Leave Home?
In these days of increased prices, lessened income, losses on retirement accounts, and the price of gas creeping up yet once again at the pumps, it is good t...Read More

Did You Know How To Save Money On Gas?
We have all noticed the price of gas rising at the pumps. Some weeks it seems as though the price increases on a daily basis! S...Read More

Do You Know Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Vacation?
As the chill of winter wanes and the cool breath of spring appears on a softer breeze, one’s thoughts turn to the quickly approaching warmth of sun dre...Read More

Did You Know You Have Free Help Available To Decide If You Should Rent Or Buy A House?
The economy is unpredictable, the housing market is hurting, and you need to move. How do you decide if you should buy a house ...Read More

Did You Know That You Can Upgrade Your Home Energy Systems And Receive A Tax Break?
There are very exciting ways to upgrade your home and business energy systems, go green, and receive federal and state tax brea...Read More

Tips on How to Cut Down on Your Monthly Expenses
While you may know a couple of people who have not been financially hit by the global economic decline, chances are you know ex...Read More

Enjoying the True Meaningfulness of the Holidays
 The economic recession, global warming, unemployment, and world unrest are dominating the headlines now right at the same time people in the United Sta...Read More

Did You Know You Need Receipts For Tax Donations?
The beginning of a new year means getting your files ready for a new tax season. It’s time to get your previous year‘s files ready for the tax ac...Read More

New Legislation Will Make Mone Money Available for Student Loans
A new law passed this week that will have far reaching and dynamic effects in how most people in the United States pay for a university or college education....Read More

Save Bundles of Cash with Coupons
 Since the current economic crisis seems likely to stay in the U.S. for a longer period of time than previously anticipated, everyone needs some strateg...Read More

Helpful Ways to Organize Your Finances
 You may want to organize your finances for tax purposes, to take control of your personal expenses, develop a budget, decrease the clutter in your hous...Read More

 The economy is unpredictable, the housing market is hurting, and you need to move. How do you decide if you should buy a house or rent? There is no eas...Read More

Helpful Tips for Planning a Vacation on a Budget
With the Holiday season right around the corner, it is common for many to make plans to visit with family and friends. Sometimes this entails a long drive or...Read More

Save Money on Holiday Shopping
During the holiday season it is common for stress levels to rise due to additional expenses, not enough time in the day to get things done and planning get-t...Read More

The Secrets to Becoming Financially Stable
One of the biggest challenges in life for most people is becoming financially stable. Here are some secrets given from various financial experts to help you ...Read More

Road Trip!!!
Whether you’re squeezing in a summer trip before the kids start school or sending them off to college, keep in mind that as a HCCUA member, you can always ut...Read More

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