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Credit Ratings

Building Good Credit for Women
Prior to 1970, women had a very hard time getting their own credit. Much of this was attributed to the fact that lenders could use a woman's age as the sole ...Read More

Consumer Credit Rights and Responsibilities
When you enter into a credit agreement with a lender for a loan or credit card, you are entering into a contract. With that comes legal rights and responsibi...Read More

Always Review Your Credit Report
It is wise for everyone to order a copy of their credit report each year. A credit report is an important document that everyone should keep current bec...Read More

Paying off Your Debt
If you've accumulated a good deal of debt, now's the time to start thinking about a plan to pay it off. Carrying extra debt costs you money. No one want...Read More

Credit Counseling: Fact or Fiction?
Many people have turned to personal credit counseling to receive help with personal debt. However, not all credit counseling organization...Read More

The Right Way to Use Your Credit
Since credit is so important to everything that you do, it is equally important to understand the right way to use credit. There are an alarming number of&nb...Read More

What is Credit?
Have you ever had a friend that wanted to borrow $20 and you had to determine if he or she would pay you back before you gave them the money? That is the sam...Read More

Good Debt, Bad Debt: Stay Out of the Red
With the average American in nearly $9,000 worth of credit card debt, and paying interest rates that are higher than ever before, it is no surprise that many...Read More

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