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Scam Alerts

How to Prevent Identity Theft: Protect Your Identity
Identity theft is growing throughout the United States. Due to the increased use of internet transactions, those people with criminal intent work t...Read More

Fake Check Scams
Gone are the days of direct barter where individuals, integrity intact, would sit across from one another and mutually agree upon a fair price to exchange fo...Read More

Identity Theft
We live in a society that freely traffics goods, services, information and money on the internet.  The resulting information superhighway facilitat...Read More

Identity Theft Recovery
Despite supporting statistics, most people dismiss frequent identity theft warnings as something that might happen to someone else. As anyone who has be...Read More

How many times have you received an unsolicited e-mail asking you to send or receive money? If you’re like most people, you may have responded, an...Read More

Did You Know That You Are Greatly At Risk For Identity Theft?
 There are many reasons someone might want to steal your identity, and even more available ways for identity theft to happ...Read More

Identity Theft Is Easier Than Ever Before?
The internet is used for everything from shopping to paying bills, getting directions to doing banking, and for playing games to working. The Federal Trade C...Read More

Is your Identity Safe?
Identity theft has turned out to be a serious problem worldwide, affecting hundreds of thousands of people each year. The majority is under the impression th...Read More

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