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Did You Know That You Can Feed Animals in Rescue Sites For Free?

 Did you know that you can click on The Animal Rescue Site (www.theanimalrescuesite.com) every day, and just by clicking, you will feed rescued animals in shelters and sanctuaries? Last year alone, visitors to the site freely funded 67, 054, 500 bowls of food for animals sheltered across the country. Purchases from The Animal Rescue Site Store funded another 10, 836, 314 bowls of food. Altogether, these efforts from just using the Web site gave a total of 77, 890, 814 bowls of food to abandoned animals in one year!

During these tough economic times, the animals being left at shelters are exponentially increasing, the donations to all non-profit organizations are declining, and animal shelters are being financially hurt. This site clearly provides a way to freely help beleaguered animals, to increase donations to animal shelters, and everything can be done from the comfort of your computer.>

There are other ways to help increase the donations at The Animal Rescue Site as well. These include being able to send free e-cards to friends, family, and colleagues about the site in an effort to increase the free daily clicks onsite which, in turn, will generate more free bowls of food for the animals. The site offers free click reminders to your e-mail, and a free e-newsletter, as well as provisions for creating a link to the site that will show on your Web site, personal or work blog, or in your outgoing e-mails.

The companies who pay for the animals’ food are listed on the Web site, and 100% of sponsor advertising fees go to charities, so this is a Web site that just keeps giving! There are links provided to pet adoption centers, charitable partners, and a section of the site that gives the daily, monthly, and annual results of the free animal food donations generated by the site clicks.

Please enjoy this free method of giving to the needy animals living in shelters, and make your daily click on The Animal Rescue Site. This is a wonderful charity, and one that has dramatic effects in the lives of rescued animals throughout the country.

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