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Legal Care Solutions

HCCUA has selected Legal Club of America® Corporation to provide its members with the most comprehensive discount legal care solution for individuals and their eligible family members. Members have unlimited access to a proprietary network of plan attorneys in all 50 states. These attorneys have contracted with Legal Club to provide members with free and discounted legal care.

Free Legal Referral Services:

The following nine (9) services are available at no charge from your plan attorney:

  • Initial phone and face-to-face consultations for each new legal matter (no time limit)
  • Review of independent legal documents (6 page maximum per document, no limit to the number of new independent documents)
  • Plan attorneys will prepare a free Simple Will for you and your family, and update the Will annually
  • A state specific, web based, free Living Will form is available to Members. This form can be completed by a plan attorney for free
  • Plan attorneys will help Members represent themselves in small claims court
  • Assistance in solving problems with government programs, such as INS and welfare
  • When deemed appropriate by your plan attorney, he or she will write initial letters on your behalf (one letter per legal matter, with no limit on the number of new legal matters)
  • When deemed appropriate by your plan attorney, he or she will make initial phone calls on your behalf (one call per legal matter, with no limit on the number of new legal matters)

Deeply Discounted Legal Referral Services :

The following are eight (8) commonly used legal services for which plan attorneys have agreed to charge a one-time, deeply discounted fee (Court costs and filing fees are additional):

Legal Services Member Rate Non-Member Rate
Traffic Ticket Defense $89.00 $199.00
Name Change $155.00 $365.00
Simple Will with Minors Trust $250.00 $530.00
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy $750.00 $1,500.00
Non-Support (Spouse/Child) $275.00 $1,490.00
Simple Divorce $275.00 $1,100.00
Regular Incorporation $295.00 $585.00
Personal Real Estate Closing $250.00 $675.00

Guaranteed Low Hourly Rate: After the free letters, calls, and consultations take place, members and their attorneys will have to decide what course of action to take next. In some cases, members will have no choice and litigation will ensue. This is when Legal Club plan attorneys charge a capped hourly rate. Plan attorneys will either charge $125.00 per hour, or when appropriate, give members a 40% discount off their usual and customary hourly rate.

Retainers: In the case of extended legal care, plan attorneys may ask you for a retainer. Any retainer sought will be computed by multiplying the number of hours a plan attorney believes a case will take, by the appropriate discounted hourly plan rate. Any unused portion of the retainer will be returned to you.

Contingency Fee Discounts: The contingency fee discount will be a 10% reduction of the state maximum rate or the attorney’s usual rate, whichever is lower.


“Bankruptcy Chapter 7” includes preparation of the petition, documents, and schedules. Filing fees, court appearances and costs are additional. Attorneys may charge one fixed rate, which would include the basic fixed fee plus costs, court time, and expenses.

“Divorce (Simple)” is when the plan member’s spouse is not represented by separate counsel, there are no minor children under age 18, marital assets are less than $70,000, and all issues are agreed to without aid of counsel. This does not include court appearances, the filing or preparation of documents affecting property or costs, or separation agreements.

“Incorporation (Regular)” includes preparation of the incorporation documents, (articles of incorporation, by laws, and the minutes). This does not include filing fees, costs, or the corporate kit. Any extended work for the new corporation is not eligible for family plan discounts. Not-for-profit organizations, LLC’s and LLP’s are not included in this definition. Plan attorneys can assist members choosing to set these entities up at the reduced hourly rate of $125.00 or, when appropriate, 40% of their usual and customary hourly rate.

“Name Change Plan” attorneys will assist you and your family in obtaining a name change when it is not contested or challenged by another party. This includes preparation of the petition, attendance at the hearing, and preparation and review of the final judgment document. This fee does not include additional court appearances, filing fees, or the attorneys travel time to and from the courthouse.

“Non-Support (Spouse/Child)” The discounted fee for you and your family includes the preparation for and the attendance at a single hearing for judgments or contempt citations for non-payment of alimony and child support maintenance. Additionally, the plan attorney will provide one hour of collection efforts after the hearing, which may include an initial phone call made and/or a collection letter written on the member’s behalf. Preparation does not include obtaining discovery evidence, extended court time, and extended collections work. All extended legal care will be provided at the deeply discounted rate of $125.00 or, when appropriate, 40% of their usual and customary hourly rate.

“Plan/Participating Attorneys” are licensed and qualified to practice law in your state, are required by the company to maintain professional liability insurance, and have contracted with Legal Club of America® to provide legal services to plan members for the law areas that they handle and the cases that they accept.

“Residential Real Estate Closing” The discounted fee for a residential real estate closing includes a free initial consultation and the review of the member’s purchase or sales agreement. Additionally, the plan attorney will provide one hour of representation at the closing for the purchase or sale of residential real estate. Additional hours will be billed at the low hourly rate of $125.00 or, when appropriate, 40% of their usual and customary hourly rate. All research including Title insurance, liens, deeds, property judgments, flood, hazard, or mortgage insurance, and fees associated with filing real estate documents in your state are not included in the definition or covered by this discounted rate. Additional work will always be done at the deeply discounted rate of $125.00 or, when appropriate, 40% of their usual and customary hourly rate.

“Simple Will (No Charge Will)” A will distributing personal property, not involving trusts, specific bequests, real estate, tax matters, guardianships, living wills, health care proxies or partitions.

“Simple Will with Minor’s Trust” The discounted fee includes the preparation of a simple will with a minor’s trust for the surviving minor children of the plan member. This document will contain information related to minor children (specifically: name, DOB, SS#), real estate, specific bequests, and information pertaining to the appointed guardian of the estate of our member. This fee does not cover extensive information regarding retirement plans, investments and their tax treatment, other kinds of trusts, complex tax matters, or estate planning. Counsel for these additional areas of law will be provided at the deeply discounted rate of $125.00 or, when appropriate, 40% of their usual and customary hourly rate.

“Traffic Defense” The discounted fee applies to first time non-criminal traffic infractions including but not limited to: violation of traffic control device, failure to stop at a stop sign, improper change of lane, illegal turns, improper or unsafe equipment, expired tag, no proof of insurance, unlawful speed, improper passing, failure to use turn signal, failure to yield the right of way, and safety belt violations. The special privileged rate applies to each individual non-criminal traffic infraction. The discounted fee includes the preparation of any necessary court documents and attendance at a single court hearing to settle a single, first time, misdemeanor traffic infraction. The discounted fee does not include court costs, fines imposed by the presiding judge, additional scheduled hearings or other traffic matters that the court deems to be criminal in nature.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Participating attorneys are bound by their state’s professional code of ethics. They will advise you if they have a conflict of interest in taking your case. Plan attorneys have the inherent right to decline a case if in their professional opinion they believe it is the right thing to do. If this occurs, you may be referred to another attorney on the plan by calling Legal Club’s Member Services Department for assistance.
  • Fees sought by our plan attorneys cannot change without notification to our members. Information posted on the Legal Club website, www.legalcaredirect.com, will be considered effectively disclosed to the public and the most up to date plan information available.
  • Attorney fees are paid directly to your plan attorney. Participating attorneys are not employees of Legal Club of America® and have no financial obligation to the company.
  • Legal Club of America® and Legal Care Direct™ are not liable to indemnify or reimburse any plan member or participating attorney for any attorney fees or costs generated by the plan member.
  • Legal Club of America® and Legal Club Financial, its subsidiaries, State Bar Associations, and other regulatory agencies do not guarantee the quality or quantity of legal services that are provided by plan attorneys. However, all participating attorneys are required to provide certificates of liability insurance, and background checks are performed, not less than annually, to verify that they are in good standing.
  • The plan attorneys in their attorney/client relationship have the sole responsibility for providing legal services to the plan member.
  • Legal Club Financial is not a law firm, insurance carrier or a provider of legal services.
  • The term “guarantee” as used in this guidebook refers to the guarantee that Legal Club will use its best effort to locate and refer its members to an attorney that will abide by the fee schedule outlined herein. If Legal Club can not find such an attorney for a member, the member’s only recourse is a refund of the most recent month’s membership fee.
  • Court filing fees, expert witness fees, court costs, court reporter fees, transcript expenses, photocopying costs, postage, telephone toll charges and any other incidental expenses incurred by the plan member are excluded from discounted rates under any of the pricing formulas described herein.


The following matters are excluded from your plan privileges:

  • Legal matters involving the laws of jurisdictions outside the United States or its subdivisions.
  • Legal matters where the plan member has already retained participating counsel at their usual rates prior to enrollment in the Legal Club.
  • Frivolous legal matters as determined by the plan attorney in accordance with the professional code of ethics in their state.
  • Any action involving Legal Club of America®, Legal Care Direct™, Legal Club Financial, plan attorneys, affiliated companies or any of their company’s or affiliated company’s directors, officers, employees or agents in any matter in which they have interests adverse to the plan member’s.
  • Legal matters against the plan sponsor, employer, directors, officers, agents, or employees, where Legal Care Direct™ membership was gained through the sponsor or employer’s efforts.
  • In matters where the plan member and eligible family member have adverse interests, only the original plan member is eligible for plan discounts and not the family member unless both parties provide written authorization and consent otherwise
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