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HCCUA Member Benefits

The mission of the HCCUA is to improve your physical health and financial health by encouraging you to make good economic and lifestyle choices, including taking full advantage of the products and services that credit unions have to offer. We provide a constantly expanding array of services and educational programs focused on facilitating your ability to do this.

Your Association works hard to show you ways to protect, maintain and improve your physical health in order to minimize your need for Health Services. Our educational programs teach you how to select such services wisely when you do need them. We also continually search for and provide access to cost-effective means to obtain the medical and health-related benefits that you and your family need.

In addition to the many Basic benefits included with your membership, your HCCUA Membership also gives you access to valuable credit union products, Health care services and resources to help you understand how you can improve your financial health and better enable you to pay for the products and services you need.

We are committed to continuing to look for ways to bring you additional services and benefits that can contribute to your overall health, well-being and quality of life. We welcome you to call us with any comments, questions or suggestions about the Association and membership benefits.

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