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Press Release for Dr. Lynn Morgan and AABSS Presentation

Dr. Lynn Morgan, President of the Health Care Credit Union Association, presented a research paper at the annual meeting of The American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences (AABSS) held February 5 – 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The AABSS annually holds an international meeting of interdisciplinary professionals in the fields of medicine, health, behavioral sciences, and social sciences to share research and pose solutions to large scale health, social, psychological, and political issues.

Dr. Morgan gave the research presentation entitled, “47 Million Without Health Insurance in the United States: The Long-term Effects on the Health, Mental Health, and Well-being of U.S. Citizens”. Dr. Morgan’s research presentation covered the demographics of those who are uninsured, the historical and current reasons why they lack health care insurance, and the health, mental health, and sociological effects of long-term living without health care insurance. She also posed several solutions and proposals for addressing the health care crisis in the United States.


Dr. Lynn S. Morgan, President of the Health Care Credit Union in Boca Raton, FL, recently presented research and served as a group facilitator at the National Science Foundation Conference in Santa Fe, NM. Dr. Morgan’s presentation was entitled, “Living with Integrity in a Cartesian/Newtonian World”.

This National Science Foundation conference focused on integrating indigenous science with Western concepts of science, and the audience included university administrators and faculty, museum curators, scientists from NASA, science center directors, and other dignitaries from around the world. Dr. Morgan’s presentation compared indigenous science with Western science in the four areas of mathematics, biology, psychology, and astronomy. Her examples of indigenous science included references to ancient mathematical systems, Fibonnaci’s formulae, ancient navigation, huna, universal symbols, and many other examples of the praxis between ancient wisdom and modern science.


Dr. Lynn S. Morgan, President of the Health Care Credit Union Association in Boca Raton, FL, recently gave a Learning Lab at the annual ASAE 2009 Marketing and Membership Conference in Baltimore, MD. Dr. Morgan’s Learning Lab was entitled, “Use the Fundamentals of Psychology for Marketing, Membership Retention, and Members’ Satisfaction”, and her presentation covered concepts from several areas of psychology in practical applications for association executives.

The Learning Lab given by Dr. Morgan demonstrated how the fundamentals of understanding human needs, motivation, and social development can be applied in novel ways to design improvements in marketing and membership services. Theories and content examples from the areas of social psychology, organizational psychology, motivation, learning theory, multiple intelligences, and positive psychology were blended with a series of small group and individual activities aimed at improving associations’ services. New marketing strategies, ideas for improving membership retention, and creative insights for membership services were woven throughout the Learning Lab that was attended by over 100 conference attendees.

Press Release for Dr. Lynn Morgan, Indigenous Education Institute

Dr. Lynn Morgan, President of the Health Care Credit Union Association, has been asked to serve on the prestigious Indigenous Education Institute’s ( IEI) Board of Directors. Dr. Morgan will be one of a very select group of international leaders who will be serving to promote research, develop solutions to issues and problems, and serve the educational needs of indigenous people throughout the world.

The IEI has recently been given two outstanding grants, one from the National Science Foundation, and the other from NASA. The National Science Foundation grant is for the Cosmic Serpent professional development project to increase the capacity of museum practitioners to bridge Native and western science education. The NASA grant is for developing a prototype of a digital star and constellation presentation for use in dome planetariums.

The IEI is partially funded by the World Hope Foundation and other sources, such as the Kellogg Foundation, for many of the research based activities and projects. The overall goals of the IEI include global networking and collaboration, honoring traditional ways of knowing, research in relevant scientific fields of knowledge, strategic planning, and evaluation and organizational effectiveness.

The Board of Directors for the Indigenous Education Institute serves as a think tank and advisors to many international groups and governments on issues of employment, health, personal finances, cultural issues, education, and career advancement for indigenous populations.

Dr. Morgan has a background in multicultural psychology and education, and now serves as the President of a national not-for-profit association that provides financial, health, and healthy lifestyle benefits to the members. Dr. Morgan has authored, co-authored, and edited nine textbooks in multicultural counseling, psychology, and international research. She has been a lifelong scientist, researcher, and seeker of ecological and indigenous healing knowledge.

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