Attention Animal Lovers!

Have you ever wondered how you can start getting paid for something that you love? Many people have taken their passion for animals and turned it into a successful business.

Just because you are not a Veterinarian or zoo keeper does not mean you cannot be around animals for a living. Some of the possible career paths you could consider are walking, training or boarding others pet(s); grooming or spa treatments; clothing and accessories for animals; and/ or animal photography.

Many animals got used to their owners being home during COVID and are readjusting as their owners start to reintegrate into their routines and work life as well. So animal entrepreneurs are needed more than ever!

For most, a pet is an extension of their family and want the best for them.  So why not lend a helping hand where they might need it most! Here is how you can get started…

  • Start by brainstorming what would be best path for you and consider how you will provide care, research, marketing, and teaching to others and their furry friends. What types of animals will you provide a service for?
  • Generate a list of services you can provide to the animal owners. A list that will potentially provide a service to people that they do not have time to do themselves and what you will charge them for your services.
  • Create a list of services you can provide to pet store owners. Design a brochure or short presentation featuring different kinds of pets, pet temperaments or directions to help people pick the best pet to fit their family.
  • Produce a list of products suggested for the love of animals. Animal novelties, gourmet pet foods, and/or catalogs for pampered pets.
  • Design a list of resources you can make use of to educate animal owners. Consider all the areas of animal care where people lack know-how. Offer training classes and educate on commands for pets and their owners to utilize.
  • Construct a list of ways to write about your personal experiences and love for animals. Then use this list to begin writing articles about animal(s) in your life, animals you have worked with, or animal behavior; establish a monthly newsletter on how to care for pets; or write a book on your favorite breed.
  • Finally, narrow your lists to things you love most to do for people and animals. Highlight tasks people would pay you to complete, products you can provide that people need and want for their animals, and ideas for services in areas where people lack knowledge, such as pet photography or animal taxidermy service.

Remember that starting a new company is never easy. It takes time and a lot of dedication. You need to find and interview potential clients, make two or three scheduled home visits, keep your knowledge fresh and up to date, and always keep organized records of all business activities. Your reputation is everything! People are looking for someone to love their pets as they would. Do this and they will come back to you again and again, and most likely send you friends and family to use your services as well! Good luck!!!

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