January 2016 Monthly Newsletter

Dear HCCUA Members:

As we reflect on 2015 and anticipate what’s to come in 2016, let us focus on our personal achievements rather than our shortcomings. Tame your inner critic and have some self-compassion!  When deciding on a New Year’s resolution, choose something you want to last throughout the entire year versus the first few months.

Here are some attainable habits to put in to place from the get go: eat a well-balanced breakfast, take in fewer calories each day by substituting a protein shake for a high calorie meal, add 200 steps to your day and track using a pedometer, and monitor portion sizes with your mealtimes and snack.

Exercising is always a good idea! The health and wellness benefits are endless. Find a way to get yourself motivated by getting a work out partner or hiring a professional trainer. You are more likely to work out on a regular basis if you have someone else to help keep you on track.  In addition, pack a bag with your gym gear to go straight from work or school to minimize the chance of going home and staying home.

As you strive to stick to your New Year’s resolution, keep in mind that members of HCCUA have Licensed Clinical Counseling available to you day and night over the phone. Know there is always someone here to listen to your thoughts, questions, and concerns.

In today’s economy, it can be difficult for most to find financial stability, but it is a goal many want to achieve. I encourage you to take a look at The Secrets to Becoming Financially Stable article attached that provides readers with helpful techniques they can implement in their day to day lives.  Also included is a recipe from myrecipe.com to help keep you warm through these cold winter days, Creamy Broccoli-Cheese Soup.

HCCUA’s wishes you all a healthy and prosperous New Year! We would also like to take this time to remind you how much we appreciate your membership with HCCUA both now and for many years to come.


Kristine Eckardt, Director of Member Communications

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