January 2020 Newsletter

Dear HCCUA Members:

We would like to wish you and your families a healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR!

As we reflect on the past year and consider what is in stored for 2020, think about the positive things in your life and what makes you truly happy.

As a member of HCCUA you have access to many exciting benefits, and we hope you are taking full advantage of those benefits and the information at your fingertips that can help you lead a happier, healthier life. We are here to assist you any way possible, especially when life throws a curve ball!

Many HCCUA members know about these benefits, but are you really using them to the fullest of your ability?

Some of the benefits that our members enjoy include *:

  • TeleHealth: doctor consultations by phone or email by InteractiveMD.
  • Annual Comprehensive Wellness Profile: 50 individual blood tests. **
  • Licensed Clinical Counseling: available day or night through Life Events.
  • Prescription Assistance: reducing or eliminating high medication expenses.
  •  Identity Theft Protection: helps detect fraud before it occurs.
  •  Premium Roadside Assistance: provided by Allstate Motor Club.
  • Legal Care Solutions: comprehensive legal advice and nine services available at no charge.
  • Pet Care Savings: big savings on pet supplies and pet medical services through Pet Assure.
  • Payment Protector: in case you lose your job involuntarily, you are covered up to three months.
  • Career Defender: online resume builder, nationwide job search and US employment data.
  • Entertainment Discounts: discounts on hotels, dining, movies, shopping and travel.

We urge you to call, Member Services at 866-227-5400 if you need to learn more about these exciting benefits, and if in doubt, we can further explain any of these benefits to you if need be.

 In addition, we recommend you do your research ahead of time before a doctor appointment or procedure you may need. We can check if you are getting the best rate or if we can advocate for you to receive the same visit at a lesser cost or at no cost to you. We have saved members an estimated $3,652,108.71 in medical procedures and prescriptions.

Lastly, we have attached an important article to bring light on identity theft and fraud, Is Your Identity Safe?  Unfortunately, we live in a world that many take advantage of people and we need to be aware that fraud is more common now than ever before. We can only hope none of members experience this, but here to help you if it does!


Kristine Eckardt, Director of Member Communications


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