July 2021 Newsletter

Now more than ever, personal hygiene affects many aspects of one’s life. Things that everyone should have been doing all along have become more enforced in pubic and in the workplace. Your hygiene is reflected in your self-esteem and confidence, sex appeal, social and professional acceptance, as a role model and most importantly, disease prevention. Maintaining good hygiene is not only important for your health, but a way to prevent the development and spreading of infections, viruses, and bad odors.

When you look and feel good it shows in how you carry yourself and can attract positive attention your way. To have confidence in oneself is more than just a motivational motto; it can significantly influence promotions in your career and overall health. Additionally, try to clean and disinfect your workspace every so often to eliminate bacteria buildup on desktops, doorknobs, and counters. Keeping the areas around you clean just as would do at home.

Being a role model applies to everyone! You may not notice it, but children look and absorb everything people around them do, from how you speak to how you take care of yourself. Maintaining good habits such as properly washing your hands, bathing regularly, brushing and flossing are important to avoid the spreading of germs, and to keep the children or people around you healthy. Consider, they are more likely to do what you do rather than what you say.

Anyone can get sick from time to time or suffer from allergies; coughing and sneezing into your hands is temping and effortless, but also the quickest way to spread germs. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, if you do not have a tissue, cough and sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow, not your hands.

Maintaining yearly routine visits with your doctors and dentist is crucial. By visiting your health professionals, you can ensure you are in good health and help detect problems before they start. Things like covid, cancers or gum disease are examples that when detected early can better the chances of treatment and a cure.

As a HCCUA member, the Comprehensive Wellness Panel Test can assist you in staying healthy by providing essential lab work provided to you after continuous active membership in good standing for at least 180 days. You can make the most of your doctor visit if taken to your annual physical, your doctor can ensure your body is functioning properly or make suggestions depending on your results. A detailed description as to how to take advantage of this benefit in your e-Newsletter under Comprehensive Wellness Testing.

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