Licensed Clinical Counseling

It’s time to take charge! Don’t let every day stresses bring you down. Learn how to make regular stresses work in your favor to reduce dangerous effects and prevent stress from escalating. By practicing stress management skills you can learn how to alter a stressful situation, change your reaction, learn how to take care of yourself, and, most importantly, make time for rest and relaxation.

First, acknowledge the role YOU play in producing and prolonging stress. Are the tactics you have in place healthy or unhealthy? Helpful or unproductive? Research shows that people manage stress in ways that compound the problem.

Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your mood and release endorphins. These endorphins help burn away anger, tension, and frustration. Any form of exercise that is continuous for thirty minutes or more is effective. Also, consider opening up to friends and family by building a support system with people you know and trust. Learning to express the things that bring you tension helps to prevent you from bottling up that tension.

It is important to avoid the people that stress you out. Take control of your environment and learn to say “no” when necessary. Consider keeping a stress journal. These journals allow individuals to recognize regular stressors in their lives and to monitor how to deal with them.

As a HCCUA member, you receive access to Licensed Clinical Counseling through LifeEvents.  This service is offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  LifeEvents provides you and your family members with access to behavioral health experts at any time. All calls are answered directly by licensed clinical staff and are handled with complete confidentiality. Non-English speaking members also have assistance available via bilingual staff and affiliates.

Counselors work with members every step of the way – from assessment through recommendation and follow-up. If you feel this benefit will be of service to you and your family, please do not hesitate to contact the toll free number at 1-888-866-7938. When you call, please have your member number available.

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